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Photo Touchups and Glamour Makeovers

When I sent out that survey to PSP users about the kinds of tutorials they wanted most, I got lots of requests for "digital plastic surgery" or-- how to make Aunt Mabel, Mom, and Cousin Gertrude look like Pamela Anderson, Cindy Crawford, and Anna Kornikova.  

Well, the truth is that you probably can't unless you have better looking relatives than I do, but you can get rid of chins and scars, zits and crows feet, iron clothes, remove stains, hide Junior's tattoo from Grandma and the college selection committee and even get rid of Uncle Harry's hideous hula girl tie that is just ruining the family portrait.

PSP has lots of tools to help you. This series will send you on your way to helping your family and friends look their very best in photos.

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