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I see pages mentioned, but when I go there, there's no content.

Yup. This is a brand new site under development. And, being a very methodical type, I have to build the site structure before I start populating it. (Blame that on the folks who taught me site development!) PSP8 was just released a few days ago. Give me a little time and check back. Up until three days ago I wasn't planning on doing any tutorials at all before Memorial Day.


Why should I listen to you?

Good Question! Because I do this stuff for a living? Because I've been doing it for a lot of years? Because  I'm slightly crazy and the line between creativity and insanity is slimmer than you might imagine?


Where do you get your ideas?

The actual work here is all my own, but I get inspiration from lots of places. Sometimes I'm reading a magazine or visiting a website or watching a film and I see something and think, "I bet you could do that if you......."

Other times I'm logged in to one of the graphics forums I visit and somebody asks how to do something, or (and I perversely find this even more inspiring) someone says, "There's no way you can do this in PSP!" Never tell me something can't be done. I'm absolutely driven by a challenge.

And a third category is weird stuff I came up with in one of my "doodling around phases." I like to turn effects and whole applications on their heads sometimes to see what unexpected results pop up.

And the last category are things inspired by the people who have taught me their techniques. These are the things I've learned in professional classes, read in a book, seen on the web or in a magazine. I learned their way and then I added my own personal spin. The list of folks whose work falls into this category reads like a Who's Who in the graphic design community. To all of them I owe an enormous debt.

Can I copy/link/post this someplace else?

Now, what do you think? You can always post a link to this site, or to KPD. If you copy it, I'd appreciate it if you didn't claim the work as your own. If you want to quote me, spell my name right.

Jeanmarie Kabala




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