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Jasc If you don't know by now, Jasc makes PSP. These are some of the nicest people in the software world. That alone is enough to make me keep buying the product, but the fact that they make good software is nice, too. :-)

AutoFx- Dreamsuite, Gel, Mystical Light -- these are very cool filters (even if I don't really like the interface much)

AlienSkin --I do love Eye Candy! I'm afraid I often don't use it the way they designed it to be used, but I do use it!

Flaming Pear (good filters --abysmal tech support) India Ink and Flood are favorites, but I hesitate to recommend them to others because they take their paying customers for granted.

MuRa's freeware filters---the Cloud and Copies filters are, IMHO, a must have for PSP users. They fill in two really important chinks in the PSP armor... no internal cloud filter, and no radial zoom blur. But, since these things work and are free

Other People's Tutorials and Resources

Camp Ratty- queen bee of PSP users everywhere, Porter's a class act, and she's got more on-line info on PSP than anyone I know

Angela Cable- artist, photographer, technical editor and keeper of the keys to the kingdom at psplinks.com, the divine Ms. Cable is heavily into scrapbooking tghese days and her Wyoming History series is elegant, beautiful and Kitsch-free

Sally Beacham- want to know anything about plugins? Sally's your gal. She knows a lot of other neat stuff, too. Like all that there scrapbooking stuff. She and Ron put together PSP8 Zero to Hero

Tracy Pori- Tracy has her act together when it comes to all sorts of really useful things, like vector drawing and scripts. Like me, she uses all kinds of graphics tools, so you're likely to see her byline all sorts of interesting places.

Cranberry Publishing-- remember all those times when you said, "How come there aren't cool learning resources for PSP like the ones for Photoshop?"  There are. Pony up and learn.

Lori Davis- Lori writes PSP books for Muska-Lippman. She also loves Bubbles and Balls almost as much as I do. She's been bitten by the scrapbooking bug, too.

Ron Lacey-If you took Franz Lanting and crossed him with Charles Schultz, you'd get Ron Lacey. (and probably arrested in some states) This cartoonist/wildlfe photographer is a talented and generous guy with a wry and dry sense of humor.

Kerry Pierce- Kerry takes great pictures, and is just a delight! I didn't think they made them like him any more. He even put up with my putting bunny ears on his beloved Akita. He let me tag along for a photo shoot in DC. My pictures got better, his headache probably got worse, but we certainly did laugh!!!

MyJanee.com-  Janee writes great tutorials and books on Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.  She has a very down-to-earth style, but she also understands what makes the software really tick. A fellow NAPP member, she has an excellent website, and can frequently be found in usenet answering questions.




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