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Making a Living

  Kabala Portfolio Design Logo

JP is the Managing Director of Kabala Portfolio Design, a full-spectrum graphic, multimedia and web design firm in the Tampa Bay area.

Visit KPD on the web HERE

there's a section of freebies -images, textures or whatever strikes her fancy--there to play with. There's also a resume and a page of personal ramblings about the things she loves best.

Taking it on the Road

  Presenters University

She's also a contributing artist for Presenters University.

If you're looking for help with presenting your ideas to a classroom, courtroom, or boardroom full of people, or just want some cool PowerPoint or Corel Presentations Masters, visit Presenters University

JP and Jasc


In addition to serving as a private beta tester for PSP8, JP was a featured artist in Jasc's newsletter in April 2003. If you'd like to read the article, Click HERE

If you want the main Jasc site, check out THIS link

National Association of Photoshop Professionals


Paint Shop Pro isn't the only graphics software I know and use. :-) I'm an active and proud member of NAPP, and many of the techniques I've demo'd here in PSP were first learned or inspired by the work of other NAPP members. (Usually after one of those "You can't do this in PSP!" conversations)

Instructional Design

American Society of Training and Design

If you ever wondered what the heck instructional design is (and don't mind tons of jargon) click here.
If you want a more user-friendly answer- we design materials and systems to help people learn stuff, usually job-related things. We're more than trainers, not really teachers, and frequently a lot more techncal than either of those groups.








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