Gallery: Golden Gate Park Conservatory

Mostly Orchids, May 2008





Gallery: Horses and Riders



Leon County Horesmen's Association April 1, 2006






Gallery: Small Group of Florals, Mostly Maclay Gardens



A few orchids shot in Miami, but the rest is Tallahassee






Gallery: Nikon Photo Safari-Chimps March 2006



Nikon Digital Photo Workshop, Miami Metrozoo






Gallery: Maclay Gardens March 2006



The Azaleas are in bloom-- along with some other stuff
like camellias, iris, dogwoods, magnolias and some stuff
I don't know the names of.






Gallery: Holy Mother of God Greek Orthodox Church



Someone said to me on Friday afternoon, "God puts you where you need to be."
Still don't know if I believe that, but Friday evening, this is where I ended up.






Gallery: Valdosta, GA



A pretty little town with some lovely rooflines, a picturesque Spanish-Mission style
college campus and an absolute wedding cake of a courthouse






Gallery: St. Mark's Light & Wakulla Springs



May 2005-- A few shots of water lillies, the lighthouse, and some flora and fauna






Galleries: St. Augustine FL



Gallery 1: Mostly Castillo de San Marcos and some of the city



Gallery 2: Mostly Flagler College and the Lightner Museum






Gallery: Jacksonville, FL  River Walk



Along the St. John's River in Jacksonville-- the sky was a gorgeous blue and the day was perfect.






Gallery: University of Florida
Butterfly Research Facility

February 2006



They call it Butterfly Rainforest, and it's an amazing way to
spend a day with the camera, the family, or both.

There are too many shots to put in one gallery.

Part 1



Part 2






Gallery: God is in the Details--  Boston 2005



Architectural Details from Boston September 2005
If you ever wondered why it is that I love cities like Boston, all you
have to do it take a look at this gallery.






Gallery: Faces in Copley Square-- Boston 2005



An early Fall Friday night in Boston.
The first several are all the same piece of statuary. 
Interesting how it morphs from pensive to haughty,
 depending on the position of the camera....






Gallery: Boylston Street Performers-- Boston 2005



One of those happy accidents that occur when you're walking around with a camera.  
A group of young men were performing in Copley Square, hoping for tips
from the tourists and the Happy Hour crowd. Shot in Boston, September 2005






Gallery: More Early Spring 2006 Tallahassee



A week later in Maclay Gardens.
More Camellias and Oriental Magnolias,
plus some Flowering Cherry and other miscellany






Gallery: Pebble Hill and Butterflies



Restored Plantation House and the gardens were fulll of butterflies 
(several varieties) November 2005






Gallery: Studio Florals



What Happens When I Get Bored and Buy Some Flowers at Publix: February 2006






Gallery: Early Spring in Tallahassee



The First 4 are St. George Island, the Rest are Maclay State Park Botannical Gardens, February 2006






Gallery: Sea World Blue Horizon Jan 2006



The Blue Horizon dolphin, whale and aerialists show






Gallery: Sea World Birds Jan 2006



Flamingos and Egrets to Penguins and Puffins, a collection of birds from a Sunday afternoon shoot






Gallery: Sea World Sea Lions, Clydesdales and Flamingos Jan 2006



Some miscellaneous stuff, mostly sea lions, with some birds, a dog and some horses for seasoning






Gallery: Birthday Rose Macros 2005



On my birthday, I received 2 dozen assorted-color roses and an assignment: Photograph them.






Gallery: April 2004 Beach



Some Miscellaneous Beach Shots from the Clearwater/Tampa area






Gallery: Destin Thanksgiving 2005



I spent Thanksgiving weekend cruising the State Parks from Fort Walton to Rosemary Beach-- here are a few shots






Gallery: St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts



A lot of Chihuily, a little of everything else






Gallery: Thomasville, GA  Jump for the Roses 2005



Junior Equestrian Hunter/Jumper show -- nice kids, beautiful horses






Gallery: A few shots from Washington DC



Exactly what it says.






Gallery: Misc Spring 2003



Beaches, Florals, Sunsets, Lowry Park Zoo, Florida Aquarium, Fort Lauderdale, Farmers Market






Gallery: Saturday in Dunedin July 2003



Saturday in Dunedin- Quilt Show, Marina, Florals, Thunderstorm, Textures








Gallery: Honeymoon Island July 2003 



Sunset/Low Tide Honeymoon Island-- skies, sunsets, rocks, shells, moss, seagrass, cool lighting


Gallery: What Amuses Me- August 2003

Things that caught my fancy- birds, boats, beaches, motorcycles, a vintage Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, textures, "Happy Hour", False Modesty in Marble Man, Architectural Details, and some other stuff.



Gallery: My Big Fat Greek Photo Shoot Sep-Oct 2003



My Big Fat Greek Saturday Afternoon-- Labor Day Art Festival in Tarpon Springs (the Greek capital of Florida), a trip down Alligator Alley, things from the sponge market, seashells, and a few shots from Miami/South Beach/West Palm



Gallery: Selby Gardens October 2003



 If you're not a gardener or from Florida, you may never have heard of the Selby Gardens, but the place is a wonderland. One of the premier orchid and subtropical plant research facilities in the nation, it is a delightful way to spend a day being delighted and fascinated by the beauties of nature, right in an urban area of Sarasota.  Interesting to photographers- for the health of the plants, the use of a tripod and/or flash unit is prohibited, so all shots need to be taken with a steady hand in ambient light. I ended up taking 300 shots in about four hours--- here are just a few. 



Gallery: Florida Harvest Colors



 Not a large group this time, but some colorful shots of indian corn, gourds, pumpkins and scarecrows